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Our Founder

Charles is passionate about empowering people of all ages.  Bullying is one of the many problems that Charles wants to help people overcome.  That is why he is giving presentations and speaking to any one who will hear him free of charge.  Bullying is the root of many problems associated with today’s society.  Sexual Assault has it’s roots in bullying.  Violent behavior also can be linked to bullying and of course predatory behavior can be linked to bullying also.  It may not be that the bully is the one who is committing these acts, it may be the child or person who was bullied.

Teaching individuals about the root causes of bullying and way certain individuals are targets of bullys can help many overcome long term effects of this huge problem.

Charles has learned many things over the years about how bullys act, what makes a bully and more importantly how to overcome long term effects of being bullied.  The following is a short list of his experience that added to his knowledge about this and other problems.

  • 12 years of Corporate Safety and HR training, including harassment education etc.
  • 20 years of Empowerment training for women’s groups
  • 25 year of Instructing Martial Arts
  • Creating combatives and empowerment programs for military units